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History of St. Joseph Province

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"Go from your country and your kindred and your Father's house to the land that I will show you" (Gen.12/1-2) . The ever planted Carmel bloomed again in the heat of Malabar when our enthusisiastic and courageous daughters of CMC from Pala province took up the challange to go to a land unknown to them to be His witness. The CMC buds shed their fragrance

throughtout Malabar and its branches sprouted out as four provinces. On 21st December 1953 the diocese of Thalassery erected and entrusted to His Excellency mar Sebastian Valloppilly. In 7th June 1956 the pioneers of St. Joseph's were able to start their apostalate at Koodaranji under the leadership of Mother Agnes. The seed sprouted and multiplied under the leadership and evangelization work of our sisters from Pala province. In 1964 it was declared as St.joseph's region depended on Pala province and in 1969 it became a vice- province. It was elevated to the status of a province in 1980. The journey continued to the new pastures where the sheep needed CMC's attention and care. Over the years the diocese of Thalassery grew as a strong and mighty - tree. It reached maturity to give birth to two more of its kind. In 1973 and 1986 the diocese of Mananthavady and Thamarassery came in to existence. In 1995 the province was again bifurcated as St. Joseph's province Thalassery and St.Mary's province Thamarassery. At present the St.Joseph's province has her mother house at Nellickampoil from Oct. 1,1996 and St.Treasa's convent, Edoor has become the novitiate house from Oct.15th of the same year. In 2015, Thalassery province was again bifurcated to karnataka province. Now St. Joseph's province has 24 houses in Kerala, 6 in Jammu Kashmir and 1 in Germany. Sisters from this province are committed in their services in different Continents like Africa, America and Europe. The CMC daughters of St.joseph's province try to liveout the charism of our founding fathers through contemplation and action. We try our best to meet the needs of the local church and the people around. The sisters dedicate themselves for the service of His people irrespective of caste, creed and religion. Some of our sisters are teaching in the school run by the Archdiocese, some are serving in our own schools,Special Schools, clinics, and other institutions, and the others are serving the people of God through various ministries. Our Lady of Mount Carmel is our model and inspiration to live the Gospel Values to gloryfy  God under the protection of St. Joseph the patron Saint of our province.

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